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The Life of an Empowered & Poised teenaged girl by Maddy

To be an empowered and poised teenage girl, is a hard thing to be in today’s society! The teenage girl’s mind is packed with thousands of thoughts going through her head. The mindset is very different from any other age. We are worried about anything and everything, “Is my hair ok?” “Did I study long enough?” “Do my friends even want to talk to me anymore?” Sometimes these thoughts feel so constant it creates a negative mindset. At school I’ll hear things like, “Ugh I’m so ugly today” or “I look like a mess”. This is a problem. Being a 13 year old girl in 8th grade with about 400 some people in your grade isn’t an easy thing. But I survive by keeping a positive mindset!

I am a strong, creative, passionate girl. I have a positive and confident mindset that I try to keep working on daily. For instance this morning at school, a friend said to me “I really like your pants” and another friend said, “you look pretty.” My reaction was, “Ugh I thought the bottoms looked weird with these shoes.” My initial reaction should have been thank you. After reflecting on my response I see that we need to work on accepting compliments. When someone is complimenting you, you should believe what they’re saying, and just say thank you. I am confident most of the time. But we all have the days where you aren’t feeling good about yourself.

I feel empowered being a girl who has the courage to be myself around everyone. The problem is the pressure teen girls feel to fit in with everyone else. So they try to fake it and aren’t true to themselves. Girls need to be their true self and own it!! I feel empowered when I get a test score that makes me smile. I feel empowered to be a girl whose generation can change the world. I am passionate about what I aspire to live for and my dreams and hopes for the future.

My name is Maddy Markowitz. I go to Solon Middle School. I am a fashionista. I enjoy golf in my free time. Something that helps me be empowered is having my own blog! I not only do it for my own enjoyment and creativity, but it helps me stay confident and true to myself. I am a lucky girl that wakes up and feels beautiful. To be an empowered and poised teenage girl is an incredible thing.