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Perseverance, confidence, and a positive attitude by Rachael
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I am Empowered & Poised....

      Perseverance, confidence and a positive attitude, these have gotten me though the many obstacles and challenges in my life.  I was blessed with my daughter at a very young age, I was scared, I wanted to be the best mom I could be and raise her right.

      I’m there for my daughter in many ways, spiritually, emotionally and physically...but I’ve learned many valuable life lessons.  With these lessons I’m passionate in encouraging women and girls to know we are made equally different and beautiful no matter what our background!

     Challenges - Everyone has them, big and small...when we learn from these challenges it makes for a stronger character and more confidence. We want to grow and develop into strong empowered and poised individuals, so let's welcome challenges, face them with courage and strength.  I promise you can accomplish anything you set your mind in to succeed.

     Positive Attitude - Keeping a positive attitude can do and go so far for yourself and many others.  Don't let anyone dim down your light...shine as bright as you want...and you will attract many more like you! 

      Perseverance - Start dreaming, what do you want from life? Help others, give back to the community, love one another and inspire. Keep going every a great network of friends who encourage you to do your best and then some! Have a vision bigger for yourself!

Fast forward to today....

     I’ve graduated from nursing school as one of the few single mothers, many told me I couldn't do it or that it would be "too hard"...perseverance.

    I’ve experienced many challenges daily, but I’ve made no excuses...learned from them and faced them with courage and strength and made it through them.

   I’m currently building my business, focusing on feeding hungry children here in the United States through, Project Feeding Kids. 

    Can we agree a child can't dream if they are thinking where their next meal is coming from?

    Once again I love inspiring women and girls, we are all beautiful inside and out.  Let's build each other up and help grow one another!