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Trusting in Your Journey by Julia

Trusting in your Journey

How do we work towards being an empowered and poised female? 

I am going to share with you a brief snippet of my journey of self-acceptance and self-confidence in hopes that it too will empower you. 

My passion was right in front of me at an early age, and I did not realize it until my sophomore year of college. When I was younger, I would sit up for hours making pretend websites on pieces of paper, magazine covers on Microsoft Word, and collecting notebooks to write short stories and song lyrics. I would make YouTube videos, reviewing all of my favorite products. In high school, I started to take an interest in product photography.

Years later, I finally put the pieces together. I loved marketing products and services that held a special place in my heart. From my favorite clothing brands to meals from restaurants, I wanted to share what I enjoyed with the world so they too could experience all of the options and possibilities brands had to offer.  

Senior year of high school rolled around, and my health was not at its peak. Anxiety was clouding my mind, and I felt stuck. While I was in and out of the hospital, I searched for coping mechanisms to help me overcome my anxiety. When I was introduced to essential oils during this hard time in my life, I knew I wanted to learn more. I instantly was hooked on attending events to learn about the science behind the oils, as well as hearing other’s experiences with the natural products. Less than one year later, I started a business sharing essential oils with others. My passion for the products shined bright, but the first year following my dreams was tough. 

 When I was beginning to succeed and find happiness, the pessimism progressed. We live in a society where spreading negativity is as quick as the click of a button. I would constantly feel saddened about the criticism myself and others would receive about essential oils. Not only strangers, but also friends would comment on everything they could to bring me down. People would try and tell me that essential oils are fake, and that they do not work. They would make assumptions, even after knowing how much these oils have impacted my family’s lives and mine. I started to doubt my own experiences. I believed the critics. I was against myself. 

One of the biggest blessings was one sentence that my mom said to me when I was feeling insecure: “You can say just as many good things about yourself as you can bad.” In addition, we are constantly told in all of our college marketing classes,  “It’s whom you surround yourself with.”  And if I kept surrounding myself with the criticism, I would focus on the negativity, when there is so much more to life. 

We cannot keep holding ourselves back from doing what we love. Because, you see, it’s a cycle. Once we follow through with working towards what we love, we start to recognize what we love in ourselves. We recognize our talents and see opportunity for others who may be reaching out. 

Woman and men all around the world are following their dreams, whether it is through entrepreneurship, engineering, biology, communications, psychology, physical therapy, or architecture. The list goes on of the amazing careers that surround us daily. Follow your dreams whether you want to take up dance classes, an instrument, public speaking, or wherever your heart leads you.  Though there are critics everywhere, there will always be a team out there in the world who appreciates what you do and will be there to support you. If you work hard towards something without giving up, you will learn so much about yourself in the process. 

My passion is empowering others all around the globe to feel confident in achieving their dreams. In my life, sharing essential oils goes far beyond the product. I want to welcome the world to join me on my journey, while providing them an outlet to create their very own. 

I hope to be remembered as accepting towards others. Advocating for wellness and confidence has brought me so much joy and a plethora of opportunities. I have been able to speak at events, travel, and talk with others on a daily basis whose lives have been transformed by implementing natural products into their lives. If I gave up on my journey in the beginning, I would have missed all of the incredible blessings that have entered into my life. 

I am an empowered and poised female because I recognize that you are an empowered and poised female. I am an empowered and poised female because I take time to care for others, as well as myself. Your creativity and passions are ready to shine. Trust your journey and take the leap, because your time is now.  We all have talents that will help everyone rise to their feet and be their best selves. Let’s join together and continue the empowered and poised movement. 


How to Live Your Passion- and How NOT to Regret it! by Rachel

What I am about to share with you is a little bit of my own journey; a journey of realizing who I was, who I am, who I might BECOME, and radically accepting it all for better or worse.

Looking back, it was always so evident what my passion was. Now it’s just retroactively obvious to me that I was born this way. However, it took until my late twenties before I decided to turn my passion into my life’s work! Why is that? Well…

When I was a kid I loved publications; really anything I could get my hands on, whether it was a free brochure from the bank or random business cards. In fact my mom called me the ‘Bag Lady’ because I filled entire bags with all these free publications. I would then play “business” with them. That’s right--instead of playing with dolls or playing house, I would invite Luke Skywalker and Princess Leah over for a formal business meeting with my brochures! Can’t make this stuff up!

In addition to my Star Wars-themed corporate meetings, I had my Dad’s old Kodak suitcase that I would lug around, packed with craft items for when I got bored. It was almost every day that I worked on my crafts. This briefcase lasted me all the way through middle school!

When I was seventeen and felt I was ready, I went off to college—a little early, I know. Although my parents encouraged me to study both science and math, I made a compromise and instead chose the social sciences. I have to admit that while these subjects were really interesting to me, I just couldn’t hack it in the hard sciences. Meanwhile it had been reinforced over and over again to me by my parents and teachers that art would not get me anywhere. Therefore I studied Political Science and Economics which seemed to suit me better. After graduating, I went to work for a huge bank as my first job in the ‘real world.’

Right upon starting there, I was eager to excel at my day-to-day work. So much so that I was more concerned about being promoted and achieving than I was about being happy or pursuing what I was built for! I call this period the ‘dark days,’ and for about 3-5 years I dealt constantly with overwhelming anxiety and depression.

Every day I struggled to get out of bed and go to work. I was not happy or satisfied with anything in my life except the short weekends when I pursued my arts and crafts. In fact the depression got so bad that eventually I had to stop working at the bank entirely.

Here I had to face facts--for all intents and purposes, I was broken. However, while I had trouble with everyday tasks, the one thing I had no trouble with at all was being creative. It still came so naturally to me. I gradually realized that it took me being beaten mentally to finally accept myself as I really was--a proud creative person! I had tried so hard all of my life to fit a certain mold to please my parents or whomever else in my life. But the one thing I needed to fit was ME; the one person I needed to make happy was ME; the person I had to live with in the end was only ME!

As you can no doubt see, the moral of my journey is the one thing it took me 25 years to learn: we have each got to accept ourselves as we actually are. This self-acceptance is a gift we can all give ourselves every day, and from there we will discover the passion that motivates us to do our OWN life work. Only in this way can we truly be success stories!