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How To Live More Confidently by Leah

Confidence. This one thing will lead you to be an empowered person and can be hard for just about anyone, especially a teenage girl. I believe that it doesn’t take other people to make you confident, only yourself.

The first step to becoming more confident is killing all the negative thoughts from not only other people but yourself. This may seem hard but it’s really not. First of all you are amazing and beautiful, don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise. Don’t get down on yourself because this makes you more vulnerable. You might not think that these words hurt you in any way but they can. They can stick with you in the back of your brain just eating away at it until you finally believe them.

The second part of becoming more confident is surrounding yourself with people who won’t bring you down or hurt your feelings in any way. Become friends with people who will pick you up and make you feel better. Becoming part of a good group of friends is always the key. These friends are the ones that will help you think highly  of yourself. Stay close to the people to the who build you up! You don’t need to worry about negative people trying to bring you down.

Step three of learning to be more confident in yourself is finding something to do that makes you happy. Typically if you're sad you're not going to be a very confident person. Doing something that you enjoy like art or soccer will make you more confident. This is because it will make you happy and you’ll learn to love yourself a little more which is also a big key to being confident.

Lastly, act the part! You can forget the negative comments, have nice friends and even do something that makes you happy but still not have self confidence. This sounds almost crazy but it’s true. If you don’t follow through with these and you just kinda ‘go with it’ and not care then you're just going to resort back to having little confidence. But if you really go by these steps everyday and take part in it then you’re going to become a super self confident person! This might mean making some changes in your life but I promise it’s worth it.

My name is Leah and I’m a super confident person. I live by these steps each day. I don’t let people's negativity or mean words words bring me down. I have an amazing group of friends that boost my confidence and bring out the best in me and I do the same for them! I play soccer and softball which makes me confident because it makes me stronger mentally and physically, and I act confident! I hope you learn to be the super confident person you were meant to be and always show it!

How to Stop Doubting Yourself by Brittney

Doubt has followed me through every stage of my life.

I doubted that I would make it through middle school when I was being bullied.

I doubted that I would be able to find a major and college that I liked when I was in high school (and don’t get me started on the ACTs).

I doubted that I would finish college after I failed my first year.

I doubted that the guy I liked in college would turn into my life partner.

I doubted that I would find the job I love after I got my degree.

Today, I doubt myself almost every day as I grow my businesses. The point is that doubt is normal. No matter how much I doubted myself, I always overcame. Doubt and fear of failure doesn’t mean that you are aren’t going to do it. It simply means that you are going the right thing. Nothing comes easy and nothing comes with a little sacrifice or doubt.

Even though I doubted all these important things in my life I still made it through middle school, picked a major that worked for me (and did well on my ACTs!). Not only did I finish college, but I was on the dean’s list three semesters in a row! That boy I liked has been with me for six years. I love my job and it’s in my field.

The doubt didn’t stop me. The doubt made me realize how important these things were to me. As I continue to grow my businesses, I must remember that this doubt doesn’t mean I’m not good enough. It doesn’t mean that I won’t accomplish my goals. It definitely doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t take a chance on myself.

If you’re experiencing doubt in your life, practice this exercise. Look back on other times when you didn’t think you could do something. Write them down. Write this one down, too. If you’re feeling doubt, take a peek at all the things you were unsure you could accomplish. Realize that you did accomplish them. Realize that didn’t slow you down or stop you.

Stay positive when you’re feeling unsure. One of the best practices I’ve learned is mindfulness which is learning to not dwell on negative thoughts. If a thought you are having is unhelpful, get rid of it. Think thoughts that will help you accomplish your goal. Instead of “I can’t finish school because I failed a class,” think “I can study differently to improve my grade or do better in the next class.” These thoughts will keep you feeling good about yourself and getting the important stuff done.

I am empowered and poised because I don’t let doubt, fear, or anything else stop me from being successful. And you shouldn’t either.

~Brittney from