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5 Brands that empower females through femvertising

What is “Femvertising”? SheKnows Media defines “femvertising” as “advertising that employs pro-female talent, messages, and imagery to empower women and girls.” This is not a new term; however, social media has made it easier than ever to spread the love for brands who support and empower women and girls.

Now that you are familiar with the term “femvertising” let’s dive into some of the brands worthy of recognizing in this “fem” category.

1. Covergirl- #Girlscan

Covergirl is femvertising to help break barriers by teaching girls that they CAN. So often we hear all of the things girls “can’t” do: girls can’t “rock, be strong. . .be funny.” The truth is that we must stop believing society telling us what we can’t be. Girls are just as capable as anyone. We can be leaders, CEO’s, athletes, comedians, and so much more!. We can be whatever and whoever we want to be. Just a few empowering women who are featured in Covergirls #GirlsCan campaign are Ellen DeGeneres, Pink, Katy Perry, and Queen Latifah. They are role models who display for young women what beauty looks like from the inside out. They also show that beauty can be different from person to person and differences should be embraced! They are courageous, confident, and charismatic. They know that #GirlsCan and WILL!

GirlsCan: Women Empowerment COVERGIRL is about discovering, encouraging whatever it is that makes a girl take up the challenge; break those barriers and turn "can't" into "can." COVERGIRL knows that with every barrier she breaks, the world gets a little more easy breezy for the next girl. - CoverGirl

2. Dove- #speakbeautiful #dove

Dove Self-Esteem Project is “Helping young people overcome body image issues and fulfill their potential by building positive body confidence and self-esteem.” In Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty women of all shapes and sizes had the opportunity to become brand ambassadors. These unedited images of females provide a much more realistic depiction than most typical advertisements in the media. In one of Dove’s advertisements, we clearly see that the images in media are not always as perceived. Dove displays how technologies like photoshop and filters can have a dramatic impact on a female's appearance. The advertisement shows a model both before and after she is edited and the difference between the two is rather dramatic. “Images of people in the media are manipulated so dramatically these days that it can feel like ‘beauty’ is less and less attainable.” It is so important for young girls to be educated,supported, and have positive role models and mentors through such a pivotal and often challenging time in their life. Teaching girls to be empowered, poised, love themselves, and become conscious consumers of the media at a young age will ultimately help them to become more successful women in today’s society.  

Click HERE to find great resources on how to help support our youth and encourage them to be confident. 

3. Always- #LikeAGirl

Always is on a mission to “boost girls’ confidence by encouraging girls everywhere to embrace failure as fuel to build confidence & Keep Going #LikeAGirl.” Did you know that  “at puberty, 50% of girls feel paralyzed by the fear of failure”? I know that the fear of failure is sometimes still a challenge for me. We want to be so “perfect” that we are often stopped instead of becoming unstoppable. #LikeAGirl helps empower girls to realize that it is not an insult to run #LikeAGirl, fight #LikeAGirl, or throw #LikeAGirl. Being #LikeAGirl is a good thing NOT a bad thing. Empowered & Poised stands with Always to help #LikeAGirl mean amazing things.

Click HERE to find more resources that help your daughter to live #LikeAGirl

Join Always in our epic battle to keep girls' confidence high during puberty and beyond. Using #LikeAGirl as an insult is a hard knock against any adolescent girl. And since the rest of puberty's really no picnic either, it's easy to see what a huge impact it can have on a girl's self-confidence. -Always

4. Aerie- #aeriereal

Aerie’s Share Your Spark Campaign united real girls for the launch of their sunnie bra, empowering them to love their self. Barbie Ferreria, and aerieRealGirl shared, “When I was younger I never had representation of people that I truly could relate to.” The #aeriereal campaign is a “commitment to 100% unretouched models that started in 2014 and has grown into a movement about body positivity and self-love.” Now,  females of all shapes, colors, and sizes can feel celebrated. Aerie is helping to empower females and make it known that beauty is from the inside out through femvertising. Empowered & Poised couldn’t agree more our real self really is our most beautiful self!

From Aerie designers to bloggers to social media fans, 40 #AerieREAL girls came together to ignite empowerment and share their positive vibes. Watch how it all came together! What advice do you have for other girls? Ignite empowerment and share your spark with the world! #AerieREAL -Aerie

5. Organic Valley- #organicvalley

Femvertising can be found promoting more than just female based products like pads, bras, and makeup. Organic Valley is a great and humorous example of a brand using femvertising to promote their morning shake in a light hearted manner.  In their Real Morning Report Organic Valley shares a handful of statistics that prove to society a typical woman’s morning is quite different than what social media depicts. For example, “most women do not typically wake up feeling #blessed that it's Monday again.” This ad is fun, persuading, and shares a positive message to females, reminding them not all women live a picture perfect life. We are Empowered & Poised because of the crazy and hectic things we often have to work through in our daily lives. We surveyed 1000 women to find out what their mornings are really like. Turns out most mornings are officially cray. You know what 100% of professional women have time for? An organic breakfast in a bottle, with 16 grams of protein and half the day's calcium. -Organic Valley

Written by: Leah Berdysz, Empowered & Poised's CEO & Founder


Living Life as a Feminist by Madison

I’ve been a feminist since the day I was born - I didn’t necessarily have the words to describe the belief set as a kid but I definitely had the attitude. One of my first feminist moments was when my parents were having work done on our roof in my childhood home. One of the roofers kept calling me “honey” and it was driving me crazy. So when he said “honey, can you get me a Diet Coke from the cooler?” I knew what I had to do - I took that can and shook it as hard as I could, handed it off and waited for the explosion. As you can expect, he was quickly covered in a sticky mess as the cola sprayed all over him as I defiantly put my little hands on my hips and shouted “don’t call me honey!”

Now I wouldn’t necessarily condone this type of action these days, my feminism has certainly evolved and matured. But the empowerment behind it has carried me through life to this point. From insisting on playing with the boys at recess even when they made it clear they didn’t want me there, raising my hand high in class when I could hear the snickering behind me, to now working to make sure all young girls and women feel the same empowerment I have felt through education.

But I cannot say that this feeling of empowerment was unwavering, I definitely felt the strain of being a strong, determined woman more than a handful of times. When I heard snickering in the back of the classroom when I raised my hand, there was more than one occasion where I made a silent vow to stop raising my hand in class to avoid the burning eyes in the back of my head. But I never stuck to those promises and I am so thankful I didn’t.

Recently someone told me that, when feeling burned out by work or current events or general stress, that it’s important to “Remember The Why”. Why am I doing this work? Is it important to me? If this is something important to me, am I going to let this stress or worry interfere with my goals? For example, why am I so invested in school? For me, it was because I wanted to go to college to become someone who helps people. So, because it was important to me, would I let the worry of people laughing at me interfere with my goal? Absolutely not.

So that’s my big advice to staying empowered. Remember the why. Find a goal and if it ever feels like it’s becoming too much, remember why you got into it and remember why it’s important to you. Until next time! - Madison



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