Conquering College by Sophia

Everyone goes through tough times during their life. Maybe it’s a difficult class that is getting you down, a boy who is playing with your heartstrings, or losing a loved one unexpectedly. It’s inevitable as human beings that we will endure harsh circumstances, but it’s how one deals with the situation that makes them who they are. One can either dwell on the bad or focus on the good, leading them to be empowered and poised. 

This past year, I went to college for the first time. I absolutely love my college and would not trade my first-year experience for the world. That being said, there were quite a few times where I felt totally beaten down. Being far away from home while taking classes harder than I have ever taken before was an adjustment, to say the least. Some days I cried, some days I slept, and some days I just downright pushed everyone away. But one day, it hit me. I could either choose to be miserable about everything going wrong in my life or find a way to look at the situation as one that I could have positive feelings about. Given the fact that my favorite quote is “yolo” (cheesy I know), I chose the latter of the two paths because life is too short to be anything but happy!

Instead of trying to change the things that I couldn’t, I decided to look at my first semester as I challenge. I changed my attitude into one where I was determined to put in the hard work necessary to be successful. I constantly set goals for myself and pushed myself to be the best that I could be. Eventually, the dedication paid off, and I achieved the grades that I had been hoping for. 

Now, to be honest, spending hours and hours at the library is bound to drive a girl crazy, and surely isn’t the best remedy to homesickness. Despite the challenges college has to offer, I think that for me, the worst part about being away from home was the fact that when I was feeling down, my mom was not there to hug me! At this point, I felt like I was losing who I was because school was engulfing all of my time and energy. I felt as if I never had time to do what I wanted to do. However, I knew that one of the most important parts of being empowered and poised is staying true to yourself. It is by doing this in which I became a stronger, more well-rounded woman.

Yes, education is a very important part of being at university, but it is also a pivotal time in one’s life to figure out who they are and understand what they do and do not like. Instead of focusing solely on school, I chose to dedicate time to finding out what made me, me. This was my best decision so far. 

I have come to the conclusion that all things health-related make me happy. I love to try new home-cooked healthy meals, go on morning runs, and participate in yoga (though I am probably the least flexible person to walk this earth). I have learned that I am passionate about taking efforts and encouraging others to save the environment, probably because I have a deep love for sunsets and the ocean. Anything involving kids or helping others is right up my alley and makes my heart the warmest. Lastly, I have discovered that it is extremely important for me to have a purpose and impact the world in small ways.

After taking these interests into consideration, I was able to find people with similar interests, join clubs that involved what I enjoyed, and live a more meaningful life! By making a list of the experiences that made me feel most alive, I was able to figure out who I was again, and that I did not need anyone else to make me feel that way. With everything that had been dragging me down, all it took was coming to the realization that I was a unique human being with interests unlike anyone else. And nothing, not even a stupid chemistry class, could take that away from me. With this new-found love for myself in my heart, I now feel as if I can conquer the world, and that it’s possible for any woman to do the same.

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