Always Be Creatively You

During our elementary and middle school years, many of us are expected to conform. Oh, Skechers are no longer acceptable to wear in public? Better throw my pair away. Heelys are now in? Now I have ask mom to take me to the shopping mall. All the girls in my class are wearing makeup now? When I get home, I’ll watch YouTube makeup tutorials and learn how to apply eyeliner and foundation correctly.

During these awkward adolescent years, most girls blindly accept the “status quo.” They never think to themselves: “What if I like my Skechers?” or “Heelys are going out of style soon anyway” (which they did) or even “What if I like how I look, and don’t feel the need to wear makeup?”

This “conformity trend” goes far beyond physical appearance and material fads. It often affects one’s taste in music, favorite movies and celebrity crushes. At an early age, we’re expected to conceal our personal interests if they don’t line up with whatever’s “in” at a certain point in time.

In reality, this doesn’t need to be the case, and our Empowered & Poised team seeks to teach girls differently. We want girls to truly express themselves!

On August 17, we’re partnering with the Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship at John Carroll University to plant a creative seed in young girls’ minds. Titled Creatively You,  this event will spark self-expression and, well, creativity through two activities: creating a vision board and tie-dying. 


After cutting snippets from magazines, each girl will create a vision board that describes who they are, and what they identify with. This probably goes without saying, but each board will be individualistic and pertain for their dreams/goals for themselves, which directly correlates with self-expression.

As for tie-dying, choosing different colors to design a t-shirt will also give these girls individual freedom, as they decide which colors will appear on the shirt, and which will not. They can also dye the shirt in a variety of ways, which speaks to their own individuality and expression.


At our Creatively You event, attendees will also learn more about empowerment and the importance of community. To learn more about this exciting and insightful opportunity, check out our Facebook page!

As always, remember to stay true to yourself - trends will always fade, but individuality never goes out of style.