Learning Self-Defense Is Empowering By Amit, Founder of Krav Maga Cleveland

My first step into martial arts was almost a decade ago, at a training center owned and run by this woman, who happened to hit like a truck. I signed up then and there because I knew this woman would really teach me how to fight rather than show me fancy moves that only worked for big, strong guys. What started there has now resulted in owning and running my own place.


Over the years, I have known, trained with and befriended many strong and amazingly talented women. I have observed and realized that women often turn out to be better fighters than their male counterparts The ability to adapt quickly to changes in the fight, improvise, observe and understand the situation, awareness, resilience, grit, – qualities that, research has shown, come naturally to women – are brought to the forefront during training.


When I was younger, I noticed that parents would encourage their sons to learn martial arts, but very few enrolled their daughters. Instead, girls would often be packed off to art, dance and told to temper their aggression. To this day, I never understand why boys tend to dress up as superheroes, soldiers, firemen, etc. for Halloween, whereas girls typically dress as angels, princesses or fairies. There are plenty such examples that come to mind. While there is absolutely nothing wrong in learning art and dance, or dressing up as princesses, the expectations, and confinement of roles, stands out thereby limiting imagination and potential.

I do not intend to “mansplain” anything. But I do believe that teaching girls and women how to fight is a huge plus. Is it all we need to empower them? Absolutely not, but it is one step closer, and growth is being better than you were yesterday. Yes, our daughters are angels, but let them be angels who can stand up for themselves in a dangerous situation!

Benefits of Learning Self-Defense:

  1. Increased Confidence

    You can enhance your sense of self-discipline and self-control through self-defense. Knowing that you are capable of defending yourself is extremely empowering.

  2. Increased Physical Fitness Levels

    Self-defense can increase an individuals endurance, strength, agility, coordination and balance.

  3. Ability to Defend Self

    Safety, safety, safety! Self-defense teaches an individual how to be more aware of her surroundings, as well as escape and protect herself from an attacker.


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