Self-Mastery Is Essential for Success by Charisma

I am Empowered and Poised because I struggle to juggle.

Having a big family has brought me to a place where I am realizing that I am unlearning and relearning most of the things that were taught to me.

Like most women I had this notion that I had to be everything for everyone and whatever was left would go to me but I am quickly learning that I was wrong.

Nurturing a family and recently giving birth, while building a startup has forced me into a better mindset.You guessed it, I burned myself out.

I am learning that self care and self mastery is a essential part of mastering anything. Without it you have nothing.

In my efforts to do so and failing miserably several times, I feel the need to share my new found self care regime in hopes to inspire someone out there.

From the time I wake up, to the moment I lay down, I give thanks and deep breathe. This process keeps me encouraged by knowing that I have so much more to be grateful for than what may be present at the moment. This way when confronted with a situation that could drain me, I am already ahead of the game.

Another way I take care of myself is by making sure that I stay away from things that leave me feeling empty. My life requires a ton of energy. I don’t need anything that takes that away without replenishing it in a positive way. I do this by censoring my social media, avoiding news outlets, and staying away from problematic people to name a few things.

Lastly, I make sure that I schedule some time for myself. That can mean reading a book before bed, sipping my favorite red wine, meditating or getting my hair done. I have to have time everyday to look forward to even if it’s as small as washing the dishes in peace. This is how I remain hopeful.

These small changes have shifted my struggle to juggle mindset into a enjoy the ride and be present mindset. Now I am living for what’s in front of me.

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