Perfectly Love Your Imperfections by Katrice

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I am Empowered and Poised because I love myself and my imperfections! Every day I say "I am Katrice and I perfectly love my imperfections.” So many of us go through life trying to fit in and trying to be what and who everyone else thinks we should be. Then when we fail we are beyond crushed and broken. I can admit a large portion of my life was spent feeling and thinking I needed to change for everyone else but not realizing I only needed to change for me. It wasn’t until after my divorce I realized “MY LIFE” is my responsibility and I only need approval from God and myself. I no longer looked for acceptance and approval from others. I was determined to love myself through my imperfections but that didn’t mean I thought I was perfect it just meant that I accepted everything about me. Our self-reflections are what helps us to grow. When you can look at yourself and say “this is where I need to grow”, and you begin to embrace your life and the current stage that you are in, that is when you realize the power within. I am empowered because I believe in empowering and motivating others on a daily basis. I wish I would have had someone to tell me over 20 years ago that I needed to love myself more and believe in me. I promised that I would start embracing and loving myself. As I look back over my life I have no regrets I just know that everything was a part of my personally designed journey. I want all women to remember that we are all unique and it is ok to embrace and love your imperfections, in spite of what the world thinks! Love YOU at all times and encourage others to do the same!!