Today is a New Day by Veronica

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I would like to start off with hello and welcome to another beautiful, and wonderful day that God has created. I do hope that you believe that, it’s a wonderful way to start the day off at least for me. My name is Veronica Holloman and if you are on this page I would first like to congratulate you and let you know you are already on the road to success. So most definitely stay on this road, I will tell you in this life there are many paths that lead off of different roads. So many times we can take a wrong turn, or people that may be in charge of us may make a wrong turn without even knowing it, until the turn has been made. But if you know like a GPS system you can turn it all around and get back on the right road. You have to be willing and want it. Sometimes it’s not always easy because there may be blocks and construction in that path, so you will be re- routed again, and the GPS may not even know it so even though it is your guidance it will have to catch up to where you are.  

For many of us this is how life is or was. I have had many of wrong turns in life. My mother made a decision to have me when she was very young. After I was born she had a nervous breakdown, for those who do not know what that is she lost her mind for a while and she started to self-medicate, now that was the beginning of me being raised between two different cities New York and Cleveland. I was raised by my Great Aunt and Great Grandmother.  As time went by many different trials came along in my life, after the Grand parents got ill. So, now the routes changed in my life, by the time I became a pre-teen and teenager. But before the drastic changes I had many good values stored in me, and in my family, God was the major factor. I was raised in Church so for me that was a value I did not forget. I did not always stick with it and many times I did not know where GOD was for what I was going through. Which I’m sure many will identify with. I suffered with mental abuse, rape, prostitution, physical abuse and drugs just to cope with the life I was in, and actually living.

But it is now many years later and my life has taken wonderful changes and is still changing every day.

After I decided to have children and get married that was the beginning of my self-graduation being able to care for people other than myself. I learned how to work with my mother and understand her more as she got help for herself and now I can help care for her in ways that she never knew. Now where she could not care for me, I could help care with and for her making up for the times when she couldn’t do the same for me.  We missed a lot, but we now have a lot more to learn in different ways. When you learn how to love yourself for who you are and not the mistakes that have happen in your life whether you made them or someone else, a re-route may be necessary and it can be good. For me it was a change of my focus, I had a new chance on life and I took it and I want to share the love and knowledge I have. Life will not always be good, and it definitely will not always be bad. Things change all the time and it always will. For those of us that live in a climate where the seasons change I tend to use that as an example as well, that seasons change and so does life. Things may not always go as we would like them too, but if you look at it about 80% of it goes well and 20 % may go sour but that’s sporadic, meaning it doesn’t happen all at once. It’s up and down and when its down, I try to focus now on what’s good and that’s hard sometimes depending on what’s bad but remember its temporary. I wake up now every day and say, “The odds may have been against me yesterday but today is a new day.”  Even though some may say my mother was too young to have me and my life was a mess and so was hers, I’m glad she gave me life anyway. I am thankful that I am a testimony to help others through my life story, I have learned to forgive, love and help others so that their lives don’t have to be so hard, or as hard as mine was. Those are things that make me stay EMPOWERED and POISED about LIFE.

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