Learning Love and Acceptance by Colleen

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Love and Acceptance starts with you.


Were you ever told you were the “good girl”? Were you told you are the innocent one? How do we live up to the expectations of others?


Let me begin by introducing myself I am Colleen McArtor, a Wellness Coach inspiring young women to be the best version of themselves. It all starts with believing and accepting yourself for who God created you to be. Some times that is a difficult concept but it is okay to be different. We were not all designed to be a fashion model, built like Barbie or any other symbol society wants us to be. We are all unique and different and we need to be proud of those differences.


Growing up I was a bigger girl. Actually I thought I was fat. In the fifth grade a boy called me a “ompa lumpa” like a character from the movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which imprinted an image of dwarf chocolate men that were short and frumpy. This then defined me. What I would tell myself was that I was fat and ugly and I believed it. No diet, no exercise routine, no pill would change my mind. It was so far imprinted it was an obsession. I was living in a cycle of thinking that I was not good enough. What does that actual mean though? Good enough for what?


All through grade school and college I tried to fit in. I wanted to be something I was not. I was searching for something but I did not know what it was. I asked myself why did I buy into the societal lies that being thin is beautiful. Why did I buy into all the hype that a perfect body image makes you a better person? Why did I want to be something I was not? The answer lie deep within myself.


Breaking the perception that “thin” is perfection took more than a health plan that made sense and a lifestyle change to match.  To truly change you must begin with self-acceptance. Knowing that you are accepted right now as you are no matter what shape, size, and color. The second thing that helps the change is a spirit of God. I needed to know I was loved unconditionally by God. God had made me special to do great work. Once I was able to acknowledge and accept love I began to love myself and the walls started slowly crumbling. I began to practice self-love daily. I would look in the mirror and say I am loved by God who made me special. Love started by being gentle with myself and forgiving myself daily.


Love starts today knowing that we women are wise warriors. We are fighting each day to be an individual with the spirit to come alive inside. We are stronger together and have more in common then obsession over trivial things. My story is each girl’s story of wanting to be more. To be perfect believe you are already perfect in your own way. Change starts today. What will you do today to love and accept yourself?