True Growth By Alesia

I am Empowered … I am Poised … I am Committed … I am Growing

When I was asked to write a message to share what made me feel empowered and poised, I thought, how easy! HA! Wasn’t I wrong, see as I began to write and erase over and over my anxiety began to kick in. See stories are an important part of life, they tell who we are and where we’ve been, they even have the ability to guide others. So, each time I wrote a sentence, the pressure of guiding someone searching for answers through my words, in the wrong direction, seeped through my thoughts. It wasn’t until cleaning my office and finding a picture from the first day my daughter was born that I figured it out. Her feet were so tiny and innocence read all over her. Shortly after that same tiny soul, yet 5 years later just awakening from her nap, she approached me and asked if I could fetch her a spoon for the bowl of cereal she was making. See my innocent little lady went from depending on me entirely to being able to do things for herself, if that isn’t growth what is?

Growth is defined as the process of increasing. My favorite explanation of the definition is the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually. It tells us upfront that change is coming but it’s going to be a process. During my growth process those curve balls that my mom warned me about struck me from every direction and haven’t quite let up. Yet I found my empowerment by not allowing those curve balls to strike me out.  I find that the most important part of growing is believing you can and surrounding yourself with healthy habits and people who encourages you to believe as well. Second to that is staying committed to the process.

I am committed to staying grounded and growing into the best ME that I can be. After all that is what life’s about, right? No two people’s journeys are the same. Yet every person has one common goal, to commit. Think about it, that’s what we plan our entire life around, making a commitment to the right college, marriage, social groups, career, decisions, you know, all of the validity seeking things in life. It can be challenging at times, yet good intentions along with commitment and positive energy will fuel growth.

I share this with you in hope of encouraging you to find things that add quality to you, your goals, and your lifestyle, and implement them in your daily living. I encourage you to become your best you starting today.

Doing is only a part of the pie, there are other components that holds the pie together. Gratitude and change are parts of those components. Being open to change habits that are not beneficial to who I am is one of the things that help me promote self-growth.

Unfortunately, being thankful for the little things was something I had to learn the hard way. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “You don’t miss it until it’s gone” or however it goes, well I’m here to say have gratitude for every relationship in your life. Always remember to give thanks, and show appreciation to those who support and love you. Whether it be your spouse, your best friend, or the flowers in your garden. For myself, verbally or through service is where I focus on returning my appreciation.

Find peace in all things to calm the madness, we can’t always control our circumstances, yet we can control how we handle them. Most of the time finding peace comes from writing or talking about how something made me feel. Once I’ve taken that action my next step is either A. communication about the underlying issue or B. finding a plan and executing to solve the problem.

I wasn’t always kind, my attitude wasn’t always the best, in fact I’m still progressing by the day. I’ve learned that a piece of kindness can get you so much further. Then I learned that when it’s genuine and from the heart it has an even bigger effect. One act of kindness can lead to an entire generation of change.

No one wants to admit when they’re wrong, yet that’s where our best improvements come from. I’ve learned to be apologetic when I’ve taken wrong actions. I also find that being more aware of how I make people feel plays a huge role in my growing process. I’m learning to stay proactive versus being reactive.

See growing is just that, growing, it’s learning new ways to be a better person versus just being a good person.  We sometimes pride ourselves on that donation we gave, or that we go to church every Sunday, or that A+ our child received, yes those are all joyful moments and good acts. Yet who are you beneath those actions? Finding empowerment and being poised for me is about growing into the better me, I am empowered, I am poised, I am committed, I am growing.

-Alesia Corpening

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