From Overwhelm to Joy by Angie

For most of my life, I believed that I wasn’t enough ~ Not good enough and not doing enough. I believed that there was something wrong with me for so many reasons. I struggled with my emotions, and at a certain point in my life, spent most days feeling trapped and full of overwhelm, sadness, fear, and stress. I didn’t know what to do to help myself.

A lot of my time and energy would go towards these emotions and thoughts of not being good enough. I would spend a lot of time trying just to feel better, but never really being able to. I would spend time procrastinating on doing things, because I was afraid I wouldn’t get it right or perfect. And I would spend A TON of time in worry, worrying about what could happen, and worrying about things I thought were wrong with me and I needed to fix.

As a result, I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to do in life or really who I was. I was focused on trying to control my environment desperately trying to feel ok, rather than being able to tune in to myself and feel the innate security that already existed within me.

I would feel these things throughout my body - the constriction, and a sense of wanting to be able to jump out of my own body and run away from it all. And I felt totally blocked from not only doing things I enjoyed, but even knowing what I enjoyed in the first place, or being able to relax enough to be present and take it in.

More than anything, I wanted relief from this anxiety and these fears, and relief from the burden of feeling not good enough. I wanted to feel free from this weight that was on me, feel a sense of peace, and know who I was and what I was meant to do in this world. I wanted to be able to enjoy life and love everything about myself! I wanted beautiful relationships, and to have fun again, like I did when I was a kid.

I longed for these things, and became committed to finding answers. I began to find teachers and healers who believed in me and what was possible. Slowly but surely I started to believe in myself too!! I started taking steps towards how I wanted to feel, the life I wanted to live, and the things I wanted to discover about myself.


And over time things started to shift and change. I stayed dedicated to doing whatever it took, no matter how much it challenged me. I started to feel more confident. I started to love the body I was in! I began letting go of the need to control things, and started letting things roll off my shoulders. I was having so much fun again, and actually present and able to ENJOY it!

I kept dreaming, and then creating those dreams, and seeing the dreams even beyond what I originally imagined! I continued to reach out for coaching support, and take action in the direction of the life I was now imagining.

I started to learn more and more about who I was, and what I was being called to do with my life. As obstacles and challenges or negative experiences would come up in my life, I began to see them as opportunities - a chance to discover what I truly desired and then go out there and create it.


I even did deep work around relationships and was able to release all the blocks and baggage to having an amazing romantic relationship in my life, and shortly after that, met the man of my dreams. We’re getting married next August :)


I now have the most amazing community of women around me, supporting me, loving me, and cheering me on.

Truly, if you had asked me five or ten years ago what my life would look like now, I could not have even fathomed all of this. If you had described to me my life and experience now, my head may have just exploded. But each step I took showed me my next step. And I just kept going. I kept listening to that voice inside - my intuition and the voice of my true self, my soul, and my inner wisdom - even when it was just a whisper or barely discernible. I kept taking those baby steps, and sometimes giant scary leaps.

And now, I have the business of my dreams helping other women do the same! Helping them step into their light, and begin to release the things that are weighing them down and blocking them, so that they can be free to live the life of THEIR dreams, feel peaceful, and ENJOY life.

So if there’s a whisper inside of you that’s saying, “I want something better. I want something more…” If there’s a dream bubbling up inside of you… Trust that! Trust that voice. Trust that dream. Keep going. Take a baby step. Find the coaches, the teachers, the healers, the community and sisters who can believe in you when you’re finding it hard to believe in yourself.


The following is both cliche and also true - Anything is possible. So go get ‘em tiger :) The world is waiting for you!

If this resonates with you, and you've got dreams just like I did, and want to learn more about how I achieved those dreams please feel free to reach out to me at or message me on Facebook any time! You can check out more at, or on Instagram @angieilg .

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