My Two Saving Graces by Jennah

My two saving graces and what positivity can really do.

If you’re tuned into the self development world, you probably have a good sense of the positivity movement that is going around. From a realist turned optimist, let me tell you, it can be a little overwhelming; even suspect. How could someone seriously be positive about everything, all the time?

Well, honestly, you can’t. You’re human. Not a robot. And because of that, you have emotional ranges that span beyond that of a robot. But, I will say, the whole positivity thing? There’s some merit there.

A study I heard about some time ago featured a scientist who conducted a split test of verbal positive and negative energy towards flowers. What stuck about that study was the fact that simply talking positively and directing positive energy at the flowers, prompted steady growth.

For some reason, I never forgot that, and I realized the weight of those results as I found my footing as a solopreneur (aka: “entrepreneur”, “one-woman-shop”, “business owner”).

Here’s why.

When I decided to start my own business, I was catapulted into this world of self reflection and study. It was definitely unexpected, but it was the reflection of myself, who I am, what I want, and how that plays a part in the bigger picture, that really helped switch my mindset from negative to positive and resulted in literally speaking things into fruition. Which is why I tend to associate my branding studio with all things magic.

Simply by believing it, you can make it happen.

That might seem like a simple concept: just start speaking more positively about things; right?

The reality of it is: we don’t always have a personal cheerleader or support group around us to encourage us, motivate us, or even reflect positive attributes back to us, as we take on all the things life dishes out (both beautiful and hard). It’s something that we, as individuals, need to be aware of as we wake up each morning and take on the day. That a positive and open mindset:

Contributes to our emotional health.

Contributes to our mental health.

Contributes to our ability to embrace our strengths and love ourselves, fully.

So my mission was to find a cheerleader (or a few) that could help me create a routine of natural positive thinking. It goes without saying, finding a support group played a pivotal role in my success; it’s been one of my saving graces. Here’s how it works….

These committed few will often see what we don’t and remind you of the positives in your life and endeavors. It’s relatively easy to form friendships that will serve this purpose when we’re younger. As an adult, especially a business owner, this may not be as easy to come by. We just feel awkward admitted that!

A support group might seem strange to you if you are not already in one; but the idea is the same as family, friendship, or any other relationships: you’re there for each other. Give and take. And they tend to come in all shapes and sizes.

My support group is comprised of like minded women who help me through tough times, celebrate with me in good times, and remind me of how sweet the normal-ness can be. They’re not local to me; but the most important part is that we’re committed to the group. Accountability for ourselves and for each other. And because of that, we’re able to measure the abundance happening in all of our lives and keep each other in a positive mindset.


My second saving grace is a little obvious, but it looked like simply changing the way I speak about myself. I find that when we are able to shift into speaking positively about ourselves, we can easily do so for others. Which might be easier said than done; let’s be honest. As women, we tend to give first.

And honestly….

This has always been tough for me (too?). Even as the little rebel Jennah that I was (spitfire, fun, and loud), I’ve always been hard on myself. Which is probably why I never really got in trouble and maintained good grades through school. The world can be harsh though; especially for women. We need to actually re-learn how to love ourselves. Something that probably comes easier for our the younger versions of ourselves.

Learning the idea of speaking positively to and about yourself, allows you to hand our kindness and positivity to others like M&Ms. This whole concepts shifts you to a state of gratitude. And there’s no better way to find abundance in your life than giving gratitude for what already is.


These are my two saving graces. They really do seem like simple concepts, but my journey has not been easy so a lot of self development and work has gone into understanding how positively thinking and speaking can shape my world. I share this because I believe girls and women alike need the tips and tricks to embrace the best versions of themselves to live a full life. That’s been my personal mission and I hope these two concepts can help you achieve yours as well.

About: Jennah Lear is a CSU alumna with a passion for business and creativity. She owns Blue Loui Studio, located in Lakewood, OH. As a Branding Designer & Strategist, she works with purpose driven business owners to transform their brand and bring their big vision to life visually. This means playing bigger, consistency, and calling in ideal clients. It's power move and it's magic.

Jennah is fiercely devoted to empowering women and promoting confidence in all aspects of life and business. She knows it starts with believing in yourself; when you do that, magical things start to happen



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