Fitness as a Lifestyle by Rachel

You know that feeling? The one you get when something makes you so excited you can’t stop smiling when you think about it? You become so enthusiastic you can barely contain yourself when you get a chance to share it with someone else? –that my dear, is your passion.

For a long time I was under the impression that my passion was fitness. I love to move, sweat, and push my body to new limits. I followed several accounts on social media run by girls showing off their fit bodies, dieting tips, and workouts. I admired these accounts so much that I strived to be part of their world. I felt that the best way to share my passions with others was through posting about my own journey on various social media platforms. However, social media attention was not as fulfilling as it once seemed. It was not until after 2 years of competing in fitness competitions that I realized what made me most excited was not sharing my own fitness journey, but helping others to discover theirs. Educating others on the affect fitness can have on their health and seeing them get excited as they achieve goals while benefiting their health puts more butterflies in my tummy than anything else. Every person has a unique story, their own challenges to overcome, and different goals in mind. Empowering others to get excited about their lives through fitness is what lights the fire in my soul.

Fitness is not about what you can see from the outside. There is not one “right way” to get active, no special “fit-girl” diet, and no one ideal body shape. Physical activity helps combat disease, keeps our hearts strong, improves mood-state, and gives us more energy for throughout the day. I encourage others to exercise for these reasons, and to enjoy the benefits it has on their appearance as a secondary factor. As an advocate for promoting fit and healthy lifestyles, I encourage others to do what is good for their body and soul.  As females we too often base worth off of physical appearance and spend too much time comparing ourselves to others. Exercise helps us to get in touch with our bodies, learn the importance of taking care of ourselves, and see what we are capable of. Helping females better their relationship with their bodies through movement is something I am very passionate about.

I firmly believe that finding your passion will help to define your life purpose. It may seem scary or too far off at first, but you will learn to ignore the “what ifs” and push forward, full force toward your goals. Following the path that tugs at your heart strings will lead to happiness. Listen to your gut and you will become a gift to those around you. When you have the opportunity to share your passion with others, you will radiate positivity without even trying. You’d be surprised at the lives you can touch when you are putting your best self forward!