An Empowered & Poised Challenge by Tara

empowering instagram accounts.jpeg

I’ve learned over time, more so recently, that the trick to being an Empowered & Poised female is coming to terms with the fact that you will not always feel like one. 

Once you’ve acknowledged this fact, those moments of self-doubt, feelings of failure and insecurities won’t disappear but you will be better prepared to address them because you are expecting them.

After a year of tackling what felt like was hit after hit in both my professional and personal life, I realized I needed to set myself up to be regularly motivated so that these negative moments wouldn’t derail me. I did this by surrounding myself, in person and online, with other people and content that exemplified the Empower and Poised lifestyle. 

One of the things that I found helped me the most was purging and refocusing my social media channels to make sure the content I was regularly looking at was either inspiring me, educating me or lifting my spirits. I noticed quickly an increase in my mood and productivity when I was seeing inspirational sayings and stories pop up in my feed more often than negative ones.

In an effort to spread some positivity I encourage you to do the same! To get started, I challenge you to find and follow 10 new accounts that make you smile or inspire you. I've included a few of my favorites below!