How To: Goal Setting

When the new year rolls around, we tend to have many goals we want to accomplish. Whether it is starting a new hobby, or making a lifestyle change. The start of the new year is a great time to set those goals. This can be easier said than done even for the most determined individual. Below are a few simple tips on how to set goals, stay motivated, and complete everything on your 2018 checklist!

1. Make an actual checklist

You may have many things that you want to accomplish in 2018. Physically writing these goals down can help you visualize these ideas.Prioritizing through color coding may help motivate you to tackle your goals starting with what is most important to you.

* SMART Tip* Make sure that goals are SMART. This means that they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Check out this quick video on creating SMART goals HERE

2. Keep friends and family on your side

Let your friends and family know about your goals so they can support you in achieving them. Kicking bad habits like unhealthy eating can be tough! Having a support system to hold you accountable will help you during difficult times. Being Empowered & Poised means you don’t quit when things get difficult. If you plan on developing a healthier lifestyle stay patient and persistent.

3. Believe in yourself

Tell yourself you can achieve these goals you have set for yourself! If you created these goals for yourself keeping in mind our "SMART Tip" you are 100% capable of achieving them. Self-talk and self-affirmations can help you through self-doubt.

4. Go out and do it!

Finally, go out there and achieve those goals! You have your friends and family supporting you, you believe in yourself and have an organized checklist to check off when you accomplish your goals. You’re ready to face the world and better yourself the way you want to!

Happy Holidays to our Empowered & Poised community! May your year be filled with love and empowerment.